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LiteralUnwine is a site that encompasses the things that I truly love:  being inspired and challenged by great literature, finding and appreciating new wines, and maintaining and helping others find contentment in the quest for awareness of self through meditation and yoga.  I hope your time spent in this space brings you inspiration and positive vibes.

Yoga Offerings

Yoga is where we can show up and be our most authentic selves. We can confront and acknowledge emotions, challenges, and aspirations and give ourselves what we need in that moment. This practice stays with us off the mat. That is my teaching philosophy and how I show up to hold space for my students, giving them room to have their individual experience, with my support. In every session, I strive to create a balanced practice with grounding breathwork, thoughtful lighting, mindfully curated music, and lavendar-scented savasanas.

Private Yoga

Private yoga instruction is a unique opportunity to address your individual or small group needs.  Whether you are looking to increase flexibility and athletic performance or manage stress and create mental clarity and calmness, you will experience many benefits from your private yoga lesson. 

Past and current clients

How to Start a Book Club for ...

Starting a book club is not quite the daunting task you might imagine.  Like any good book, you just need entertaining characters, a life-like setting, nail-biting plot, and a glass of wine.  The club can be organized as casual or as formal as you like.  The primary goal is to bring together a diverse group of people, who ideally also share some things in common, whether that be:  location, profession, interests, gender, ethnicity, etc.  For BGR, the goal was to connect young, (mostly) black, professional women in Chicago, and provide them with a platform to read, share their personal stories, and enjoy each other’s company in a judgement-free zone.