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Yoga is where we can show up and be our most authentic selves.  We can confront and acknowledge emotions, challenges, and aspirations and give ourselves what we need in that moment.  This practice stays with us off the mat.  That is my teaching philosophy and how I show up to hold space for my students, giving them room to have their individual experience, with my support.  In every session, I strive to create a soothing practice with grounding breathwork, thoughtful lighting, mindfully curated music, and lavendar-scented savasanas.

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Group Class Schedule

  • Tuesdays at 7pm YogaSix Hyde Park
  • Wednesdays at 7pm Lakeview Athletic Club
  • Thursdays at 7pm YogaSix Hyde Park

Yoga Under the Stars

Enjoy a 60-minute vinyasa-based yoga class, your practice space: a wine shop transformed into a magical starry night. All experience levels are welcome and yoga blocks will be provided to support your practice, class concludes with a lavender-scented savasana. Afterwards, enjoy a curated wine flight tasting poured by Juice 1340.

Take Care, Sundays

During this time you can expect to reconnect with yourself, reflect and realign with your goals, and set intention for the week ahead. Yoga tickets include a 75-minute vinyasa yoga class, pranayama (breath work), grounding meditation, and lavender scented savasana. All experience levels are welcome.

Private Yoga

Private yoga instruction is a unique opportunity to address your individual or small group needs.  Whether you are looking to increase flexibility and athletic performance or manage stress and create mental clarity and calmness, you will experience many benefits from your private yoga lesson. 

Past and current clients


Hear what our customers have to say:

It was a beautiful and energizing opener for our 30 person virtual team meeting. A great way to create space between the day and our event and solidify our "magic" theme. Thank you Kenyatta!

Kellie F.

I really enjoyed my yoga experience with Kenyatta. She was a kind and gentle yoga instructor. Since the class was small, she was able to provide personal adjustments, which I found helpful.

Jamie T.

Excellent experience! The outdoor location made it so much more relaxing. This was my first live yoga class and it was great. I look forward to my next class with you. Namaste!

Regina S.

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